Review: The Expendables by Jamie

How do you review a film like The Expendables? You certainly can’t use the same standards you would when reviewing a film like Inception. You can’t judge a film like this based on it’s deep storyline. The Expendables sits in a class of it’s own in today’s movie landscape. It’s a throw back to a simpler time when action heroes were rarely introspective, were more muscle than man and used an array and amount of weaponry that would make militaristic dictators seethe with jealousy. That time was the 80s, when men were men unless they were New Romantics in which case men were god knows what.

This is possibly going to be my shortest review ever. I don’t wanna give away too much of what happens in the action scenes. I’ll just say that this film is everything you were hoping it would be. If you have testicles and even a passing interest in 80s action films then you owe it to yourself to see it. A warning to women though. There is so much testosterone on screen that you may leave the cinema with the beginnings of a beard and a voice that’s a few octaves lower. Things explode, people quip and Mickey Rourke in particular is awesome in the few scenes he’s in. Oh, and the scene between Arnie, Stallone and Willis is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen all year. In short, this film is fucking awesome.

Is there anything bad? Well, whilst the film is a throw back to the classic 80s era of action the camera work certainly takes a bit of a cue from modern action films. At times it’s frantic, too close up and it can be difficult to make out what’s going on. Whilst Mickey Rourke is awesome, the rest of the acting is a little sub-par but then again these are action stars. You don’t go to see masters of the craft. Finally, for what little plot this film did have, it actually could have done (and this may be the only time I say this) with a little less. I suppose the story and sub-stories did lead to some pretty sweet action scenes so swings and roundabouts I suppose.

To sum up, go fucking see The Expendable. Do it! Do it now! It’s just really fucking fun. Four and a half pints out of five. Laterz

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