Zombie Month: Flight of the Living Dead by Jamie

Everyone remembers ‘Snakes on a Plane’. The title pretty much summed the whole thing up. There were snakes and they were, indeed, on a plane. The internet rejoiced as the internet is wont to do whenever stupid, stupid shit crosses it’s path and everyone expected massive things for the movie. What happened when the film came out? Well, it didn’t meet anywhere near anything like their expectations. Yes, it’s a lesson that film studios still haven’t learnt today. Just because your movie is getting everyone on the internet excited, don’t forget that the internet is a small, insular portion of the population and that online buzz isn’t necessarily going to crossover into mainstream buzz. For a more recent example look at ‘Scott Pilgrim VS The World’.

Despite it’s lacklustre performance at the box-office, I’m sure the buzz surrounding ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is at least in some way responsible for the film that’s the subject of today’s Zombie Month review, ‘Flight of the Living Dead’. If you haven’t already guessed from the title, it’s basically the same kind of idea but you replace snakes with Zombies.

The basic plot is that three shady, scientist types who are on the run from the government have stored their latest experiment in the cargo hold of a commercial jet. It’s a cryogenic unit containing someone infected with a genetically altered virus intended to kill someone and then bring them back to life. This precious cargo is also being watched by an armed guard. Now, my first point here would be to wonder just exactly how these scientists got this potential Zombie patient zero on board the plane without raising any red flags. It’s not like they smuggled it aboard. All of the jet’s crew are well aware that the cargo and armed guard are on board, though they don’t know what the cargo is.

I could maybe even understand if this was pre-9/11 but no, this film was made in 2007. People got put on no-fly lists just for having names similar to suspected terrorists. Now you’re telling me that these three guys with their highly illegal experiment can just wander on board a plane without any kind of alarm going off at customs? You’re shitting me.

Anyway, the rest of the cast are made up of various zombie fodder as well as a cop, the prisoner he’s transporting, an air hostess who falls for the cop, a professional golfer and his wife, a slightly odd TSA agent and the pilot who’s just one flight away from retirement and is all ready to take that big vacation with the wife that they’ve so been looking forward to. Yeah, I think we all know how well that’s gonna turn out for him.

Anyway, the inevitable happens as the dormant Zombie gets free and soon the plane is full of the walking dead, leaping, screeching and chowing down on passengers as if they were fucking Velociraptors. Soon it’s up to the cop, prisoner , TSA agent and flight attendant to bring the plane down and save themselves whilst also trying to avoid being shot down by the US military.

All in all, it’s not actually a terrible film. Yes, it’s stupid of course but it’s the fun kind of fast paced, gory stupid that you can just switch your mind off to for a while. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else and it really doesn’t need to be. I certainly found it far more entertaining than ’Snakes on a Plane’. Sure there’s some negative points, like the fact that the Zombies are essentially raptors in human skin and the fact that shooting a lot of guns on a plane seems like it should be more of a risk than it is. Still, you just kinda forget all that. Like I said, it’s turn your brain off cinema. The performances are for the most part enjoyable with David Chisum and Kevin J. O’Connor playing well off each other as the cop and his prisoner. Basically if you like a decent Zombie flick then it’s not a terrible way to spend an hour and a half. Three and a half pints out of five. Laterz.

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