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Cinepub began in 2008 when two guys realised that they watched alot of films and drank alot. They decided to combine these two schools of thought and Cinepub was born.

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Dearest Blogeler,
My name’s Ally Beardsley and I’m an intern for CurrentTV [comedy]. I read your review of Transformers on your site and I think you might enjoy what Current’s Infomania has to say about the success of the movie! If you enjoy this or any other Infomania segment feel free to embed them in your site!
Have a great one!
Ally Beardsley

Comment by Ally Beardsley

Shilling on someone else’s blog is so unbecoming.
The staff of “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!”
our favourite bad movies, reviewed in haiku
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Comment by 24hourstomidnight

Hi Great site made me smile a few times. I will add it to my blog . You are more than welcome to add mine to the other drinking holes section as my blogs also about films. . Let me know that be great. A bit of fun and has made many friends smile and laugh. Your site link is the bottom right

Comment by mancry

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