Zombie Month: Zombies Anonymous by Jamie

Just a short one today.

Zombies Annonymous takes the basic idea of the Zombie Apocalypse and includes the notion that the Zombies are still just as intelligent and rational as they were when they were alive and feel as though they deserve equal rights. Meanwhile a bunch of the living fight against them, claiming that the dead have no rights and that the world is meant for the living.

Some of these groups decide to take up arms against the living dead whilst the Zombies realise that they have a taste for the flesh and that the flesh actually makes them feel better like some kind of wonderful drug.

The film is painfully low budget with the Zombie effects looking fairly poor to start with although they do seem to improve as the film goes along. Perhaps the first think I noticed was that some people had teeth painted on their lips to try and make it look as though their lips had been torn off in some way.

Despite it’s low budget, the acting wasn’t really bad and the actors did a good job keeping me engaged in the story. If I had to highlight anyone, it would be a character called the Commandant who had a tendency to overact and it could be kind of off-putting at times.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the film is the quality. The shots and the film stock reminded me of ‘The Room’, especially early on. There were points were I had a problem making out what was being said. Still despite the flaws, the film was original and kept me quite entertained. Overall three pints out of five. Laterz.

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