5 Short Paragraphs About Avatar by Jamie

This is a short word on Avatar, which I watched last night. It was a very, very impressive film visually. I thought that the performances were all pretty damn solid and in some cases exceptional. I think the care that James Cameron has taken in creating Pandora is incredible, the fauna and flora of the world is amazing for the most part.

The last hour or so was especially breathtaking, some of the most amazing things I have ever seen on screen. However, I do not think Avatar is my favourite film of the year. I wasn’t that impressed with the 3D. This may be because I haven’t had my eyes tested in a while and I need better glasses but whenever focus shifted it looked very odd. I also found the story to be a little cliché and cheesy, but hey, it’s James Cameron so those elements were always gonna be there. The difference between him and a lesser director is that he can take a cheesy and clichéd story and do it well.

However, I did find myself bored with some of the earlier parts of the film and again, this may have had something to do with the cinema going experience rather than the film itself. We weren’t sitting in an ideal place within the theatre and when my neck and back start to ache, I lose patience with a film far quicker than I normally would. Still there were times when it seemed like Cameron was saying ‘Look, look at what I have made! Look upon my works ye mighty and despair!’ whilst letting story fall to the wayside. Still, when it does pick up, it picks up big.

So there you go. I certainly enjoyed the film but at the moment, I’m reserving full judgement until I see it again. I might try and see it in 3D again and try and get better seats to see if that’s the only reason I was a little bored early on. I think I might also try and see it in 2D as well. Until then, I’ll see you laterz.

Ooh, two last things. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I heard the word Unobtanium, even though it turns out it is a real scientific term. Also, The fact that some of the animals roar with sound effects from Jurassic Park will always take me out of the movie. In particular the large carnivore which uses the iconic T-Rex roar. Laterz.

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I loved the film, but then it didn’t take much to impress after only the day before seeing ‘2012’ which has such impressive sequences as:

– A crazy man, standing on a moutain top, staring at oncoming balls of lava and flame and screaming “it’s so….beautiful!” shortly before being struck by a large rock and screaming like a girl

– A devotee to The Dalai Lama looking at an actual llama just seconds before the remaining 400 or so people who are lucky enough to be on a tsunami-resistant ship get saved from impending death

But back to Avatar:

Was totally blown away by the visuals and agree with your view that Cameron makes the cliché work where others fail, however I would say that I found the more boring part of the film to be somewhere in the middle, not at the beginning or the end. I think after the initial bombing of Pandora, I just thought ‘well that’s them f**ked then,’ and lost some interest. Obviously it picked up again though, much to my relief!

For the most-part this was an absolutely stunning film though.

Comment by Ian

It was mainly during his warrior training that I was the most bored. That’s when the biggest offences with regards of just showing of the FX occurred in my opinion.
I also don’t think I got the sense of awe and wonder that most people got while watching it. The FX impressed me but I was never awestruck like I was when I saw Jurassic Park for the first time or saw the ship in District 9 looming over Johannesburg. I think I find things more impressive when they are integrated into reality.

Comment by Jamie

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