Great Movie, Shitty Game: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial by Jamie

The inability to do much of anything else at work drove me to do this review of E.T. for the Atari. Yes, I know there are a glut of video game reviews on the interwebs but there’s a glut of movie reviews too and this won’t be a regular thing, mainly because my shitty laptop gets upset when I run the emulator, the screen capture software and Audacity. Still, please to enjoy. Oh, and yeah, I know I said Mexican landfill when I meant to say New Mexico landfill.

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Hahahahaha that is perhaps the shittest game of life! But oddly, I want to play it…Hmm…

Comment by Ian

Don’t do it man! I believe it can cause various terminal illnesses including but not limited to corrosive skin, explosive bone marrow and pancreatic lung.

Comment by Jamie

You SO did play that again until you won it.

Comment by Sarah

Wish I could say that I had the mental fortitude to withstand it, but sadly no. I gave up.

Comment by Jamie

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