Cool As Ice Solo Video Review: Part 3 by Jamie
25/03/2009, 11:15 am
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Finally! Part 3 is here and I spend a little too much time on a minor montage sequence…

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Not only is the building site completely devoid of actual builders, it is in fact the cleanest building site i think i’ve ever seen. There is none of the usual debris that your average builder inevitably leaves behind (rubble, newspapers, half-eaten pot noodles, porn, etc). I also noted the lack of any scaffolding. Now, i know that health and safety laws weren’t quite so strict back in 1991, but even then, that should have been considered a little risky. Unless, or course, Ice falls off of the top of the building to his painful, yet amusing death in part 4 (i’m gonna wait for you to tell me how this ends because it will save me watching it), in which case i wait with baited breath.
see ya Hicks!

Comment by maundy

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